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How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Believe it or not, it is highly possible to use apple cider vinegar for acne. Take note that it is an effective skin detoxifying agent and possesses excellent properties to cleanse and purify the skin. If you feel that your acne problem is being unnecessarily aggravated by toxins accumulated in the body because of poor diet, you can assist your body perform better and remove acne by applying apple cider vinegar or ACV.

Studies also claim that cider vinegar when applied on the skin effectively treats acne due to it being rich in AHA or alpha hydroxy acids. Take note that these help dissolve fat deposits on the surface of the skin and thereby decrease scaly skin conditions. All in all, cider vinegar promotes a smooth and softer skin appearance. It also helps regulate the skin’s pH level.

ACV can also be utilized as a treatment to remove blemishes by including it in a toner mixture. It also decreases swelling and helps keep the affected area dry. It also reduces clogged pores and make the skin more refined. Also, when it is applied on the skin, it carries a mild pungent scent so it is best to place it on the skin during the night prior to going to sleep so you can easily wash it off come morning. It could also be taken internally as a tonic.

To be able to test if apple cider vinegar is best for your skin and does not cause allergy, place a bit underneath your chin and let it remain there for at least fifteen minutes. If your skin does not react, you are highly likely not allergic. However, if you find it still too strong, you can mix it with water. You can begin with a low amount of ACV whilst increasing the proportion steadily upon constant use. Expect to experience a bit of redness and tingling. You can rinse off the vinegar from your skin and decrease its quantity if you find it too strong.

For best results, make sure to purchase raw apple cider vinegar due to the enzymes it possesses. Processed cider vinegar loses some of its properties, which can make it ineffective.

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